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Pokémon Go Bar Crawls Are a Thing in Miami Now

I remember sprinting into Toys "R" Us as a young tot and barreling toward the Pokémon cards, stabbing anyone who dared obstruct my path with a mechanical pencil. I was obsessed. The world was obsessed.

Within the last week, the obsession that gripped so many millennials in its little yellow Pikachu paws is back — in a slightly more mature format. It's called Pokémon Go, and if you haven't heard of it yet, you're about as clueless as a Magikarp. 

Essentially, it's a game for your smart phone that allows you to collect Pokémon in the real world. Using your phone's GPS and camera, you can come across Pokémon in the street, catch them with digital Poké Balls, and use your little Poké slaves to battle other, real life people. 

It's an interactive video game that has broken ground, technologically speaking, and captured the hearts of millions, Miamians included. 

For proof, look no further than the array of Pokémon bar crawls that have already been organized over the next two weeks. Taking place in Wynwood, South Beach, and Brickell, these meet-ups are an excuse to catch some Pokémon in good company while getting as blasted as a Blastoise.

More are sure to pop up as folks scramble to monetize the phenomenon. There are already numerous South Florida Pokémon Go Facebook groups and Pokémon tours being offered around Miami, but you can check out a few of your alcohol-friendly options below. 

South Beach Pokémon Crawl. 6 p.m. Saturday, July 16, at Soundscape Park at the New World Center, 400 17th St., Miami Beach; visit Facebook for more info. 

This crawl starts at Soundscape Park (home to six PokéStops, according to the event description) and will hit Lincoln Road, Collins Avenue, and the beach, hitting up some bars along the way, of course. 

Sixpoint Brewing Presents: PokéCrawl. 6 p.m. Thursday, July 21, at Boxelder Craft Beer Market, 2817 NW 2nd Ave., Miami.; visit Facebook for more info. 

The fine folks over at Sixpoint Brewing are organizing this crawl, which will start at Boxelder and — after a few beers — work its way through Wynwood so you can consume alcohol and catch Pokémon along the way. Rumor has it Wynwood Pokémon will let you catch them ironically. 

Pokémon Pub Crawl. 9 p.m. Friday, July 22, at RedBar Brickell, 52 SW 10th St., Miami. 

This free meet-up is happening at 9 p.m. at Brickell's RedBar. Pokémon will be compared, drinks will be had, and Brickell will be ravaged for all its worth. 

Miami Pokémon Go Bar Crawl. 9 p.m. Saturday, July 23, at Wood Tavern, 2531 NW 2nd Ave., Miami; visit
Facebook for more info. 

This crawl is also targeting the Poké hotspot that is Wynwood. The group will meet at Wood, then spend Saturday drinking and staring at their phones. God, the future is weird. 

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