Today, most younger folks know Bret Michaels for his part-time career of bedding a colorful array of barely legal, drunken, cat-fighting, groupie tramps in a misguided search for love and reverence in the annals of VH1 superstardom. But before all of that, he was a young, skinny, androgynously pretty blond rock star, strutting and prancing shirtless across stages before arenas chock full of barely legal, drunken, cat-fighting groupie tramps. Maybe you've come to love his onscreen antics and perhaps even enjoyed the wildly popular, albeit dangerous, Rock of Love drinking game, where you take a shot every time Michaels confesses that something really turns him on. But maybe it's time to jog your memory on how he got his hands on that bevy of trailer park beauties.

Michaels and bandmates Rikki Rockett, Bobby Dall, and C.C. DeVille knocked out hit after hit in the '80s and early '90s. In those days, chart-toppers such as "Talk Dirty to Me," "Nothin' But a Good Time," "Unskinny Bop," and the lighter-lifting classic power ballad, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," dominated rock radio formats and MTV's airwaves.

Now, we know you're still reeling from the fact that erstwhile Michaels squeeze Daisy de la Hoya chose London over 12-Pack and Flex on Daisy of Love. But try to peel yourself off the couch long enough to purchase some tickets for this show. Dust off your bandanna, denim jacket, and ripped jeans (the $25 Levi's, not the $250 Diesels), and get ready to open up and say ahh!


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