The booming rhythms of drum 'n' bass are not meant to be just heard — they're meant to be felt as well. The vibrations sent forth from mega amps invariably inspire dancing, and Photek's music is no exception, despite its classification as "intelligent" drum and bass. Since the early Nineties (the dawn of the UK jungle scene), Photek has been layering ambient soundscapes over intricate drum sounds. The DJ and producer's songs often start off slow and slinky, gradually building to a burst of throbbing beats. An innovator within the genre, Photek has incorporated traditional Japanese music into tracks like "Ni Ten Ichi Ryu," while a jazz influence is present throughout much of his repertoire. The England-born DJ even experimented with dark house music on his 2000 album, Solaris.

Photek's new album, Form & Function Vol. 2, is still awaiting release. But fans can hear a preview tonight, during the Basshead Six-Year Anniversary Party. The music will go on all night with additional performances by Skream, Otto von Schirach, Ill Factor, the Haunted Audio, and Fury, plus resident DJs Burn, Wreck, Scully, and MC Mad.


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