Peter Rauhofer

Peter Rauhofer was raised in the angular and restricted channels of the Viennese music scene. But alas, deviancy would come in the form of the progressive Radio Luxembourg and young Rauhofer's cassette deck, with which he'd waste hours taping the sweet new jams floating across the airwaves. So now, twenty years later, the not-so-young Rauhofer can claim a blindingly long list of releases and many titles: DJ, producer, remixer, and label owner.

Since relocating to New York City in the mid-Nineties, he has maintained a constancy and dedication that sets him apart on the electronic scene. Aptly blending the many influences of his sonically turbulent upbringing, his latest offering, the two-disc followup to I Love New York, I Love Miami keeps him grounded in his series-styled release mechanism via a topnotch, dirty, bass-heavy, tribal/electro dance platter, replete with his signature hidden messages and ongoing narrative extras. He'll be adding color to Nikki Beach's White Party through the bold-ass statement lit up in eight-and-a-half-by-eleven mimeo: I LOVE MIAMI! Fuck yeah, we all do.


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