Peter Murphy: Godfather of Goth
Peter Murphy: Godfather of Goth

Peter Murphy Celebrates 35 Years of Bauhaus at Grand Central, April 30

Thirtysomething goth rockers are an underexploited demographic.

Let's get real: the Jersey Guido bubble has already burst and Rednecks are the wasted-on-television teenage simulacrums du jour. And how long can that last?

Pseudo-reality television producers need to wake up and smell the blogging (which, in case you were wondering, smells like burnt plastic and The Fear): the future of stereotype-centric documentary television lies with members of Generation X that still dress up like Peter Murphy from Bauhaus.

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In fact, we imagine an episode of The Really Goth World (or Goth Pawn) could very well involve a protagonist who by day is an innocuous cubicle jocking, but by night is a slithering vampiric post-punk sex god doing the dark pogo at a Peter Murphy concert.

Especially if said concert is a tribute to the thirtieth anniversary of Murphy's marquee moody ensemble. It would be even cooler if our hypothetical goth hero were simultaneously celebrating his 35th birthday. And there was a cake with Bela Lugosi.

Peter Murphy Performs the Music of Bauhaus. Tuesday, April 30. Grand Central, 697 N. Miami Ave, Downtown. Tickets go on sale on March 4 through Ticketfly and start at $28. VIP is $60 and includes priority entry, meet & greet with Peter Murphy, exclusive edition t-shirt and signed poster. Visit or call 305-377-2277.

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