Pete Tong at Set

The man, the myth, the legend: What is there left to say about Pete Tong to anyone remotely familiar with dance music? In the pantheon of international DJ gods, he's pretty much Zeus (though Paul Oakenfold might beg to differ). He's the guy who, through his forever-running BBC Radio One program, anoints the world's hottest dance-floor tracks every week. He's the DJ so ubiquitous and well known that he inspired a bit of Cockney rhyming slang in his homeland. ("It's all gone Pete Tong," meaning "it's all gone wrong.")

And though every couple of years, dance music journalists proclaim the era of the superstar DJ definitely over, Tong's position at the top of the heap is so solidified that we like to think he laughs at these pronouncements from mere mortals. This Saturday brings him, in a truly WMC-quality booking, for a headlining gig at Set that is sure to be slammed. Buy tickets early, and absolutely dress to impress.


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