Precision Guided Musicians' Perry and Etta Farrell
Precision Guided Musicians' Perry and Etta Farrell
Meeno Peluce

Perry Farrell at Bardot for Art Basel December 2

Indeed, Jane's Addiction frontman, Lollapalooza founder, part-time DJ, and social activist Perry Farrell is a man of a million talents. But we would never have guessed that military-industrial research and development was one of his many sidelines. So when a certain cryptic document landed in our inbox alerting us to Mr. Farrell's recent activities, it was a shock to discover he had somehow gotten into the business of high-tech weaponry.

The next day, we phoned him, seeking answers. And he quickly clarified things. It's called Precision Guided Musicians, not munitions. Oh, so we misread. Duh.

"To me, the military is an outmoded idea," Farrell says.


Perry Farrell

Precision Guided Musicians: With Perry and Etty Farrell, and DJ Chris Cox. 10 p.m. Thursday, December 2, at Bardot, 3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Invitation only. 305-576-7750;

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And accordingly, the PGM project will proceed along entirely peaceful lines, organizing one-off club shows, gallery exhibitions, and even music festivals. As the official literature states: "The idea is to challenge/subvert the concept of precision-guided munitions, AKA smart bombs. Imagine the military being used for peace and entertainment."

Sure. But is smart art really better than a smart bomb?

"In a way, yes. But it's tough to overtake a bomb when it comes to pure excitement," Farrell jokes. "I think we've got a chance, though."

The preliminary plan involves an invite-only summit this Thursday at Bardot, where a small group of cultural ambassadors and thoroughly vetted VIPs will witness the launch of PGM and its $7,000 art grant. Strategically planned to coincide with Art Basel Miami Beach, the project's inaugural night will include performances by Farrell and his wife/musical collaborator Etty, DJ Chris Cox, and secret guests. Plus there's the possibility of pyrotechnics. "I love the idea of turning it on its ear and having demolitions going on during the course of the event," the PGM mastermind says.

Effective immediately, the grant is open to anyone with ideas and an email. Just send a few high-resolution samples as well as some personal contact information to In spring 2011, Farrell and a panel of highly qualified art experts will select the recipient, awarding him or her with cash and gallery gigs in Los Angeles and New York City. Your only directive: "Artists should maintain the honor, intelligence, and might of music... and its ability to destroy bad moods and bring peace upon planet Earth."

So apply. But if you want to attend this weekend's PGM conference of creative godheads, you'll have to go covert and slip past security. There's no other way to party with Perry.


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