"I'd rather fuck who I want/Than kill who I am told to" are the first words Peaches (a.k.a. Merrill Beth Nisker of Germany) hollers, like a petulant schoolgirl, on Impeach My Bush — a false sign that the schoolteacher-turned-electroclash-vixen has traded in porno for politics on her third album. Again her libido is enflamed and she's encouraging all comers to help scratch that forbidden itch as no-nonsense synths and beats pound and throb coldly along, representative of the acts she describes. Nisker is no less of a cunning, sloganeering XXX linguist than she was before — "I'll be hittin' your bottom/You'll be blowin' your top," she chants on "Two Guys (For Every Girl)," where the male desire to watch two women go at it is inverted. But her once-shocking sexual confrontation tactics have grown too routine, her electro productions thin and unanimated. It's possible she's beginning to recognize this: Too many tracks feature looped guitar riffage, a crutch that not only doesn't click with the subject matter but also for the first time makes it possible to forget what record you're listening to.


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