Pay Styles

Pay Styles

Hollertronix is what the ADD kids are chattering about, period. Never Scared, a low-pro mix album they released late last year on indie start-up Money Studies, is a pirated rush of hip-ified Jock Jamz adrenaline, where dirty South b-ounce fire adroitly meets No Wave undercurrents that freeze sweat like Napoleon ice cream cones. What comes off as a tad been-there, done-that on paper -- two Caucasian DJs from Philly (Diplodocus [right] + Low Budget) mashing quasi-fresh Rap City bangers into tracks by the Cars and Björk -- becomes, with one listen, an unequivocal insta-bash prescription.

Diplo is readying a much-awaited LP called Florida, and boasts over the tele that he's a product of the state, thanks to serving time as a kid in Fort Lauderdale harassing alligators. Made aware of the invite-only, black card m.o. at the Shore Club, where they will be spinning on Saturday, he responds, "Come on through anyway. Hollertronix is strictly for the people, shit's going to be crunk!"

Hollertronix performs on Monday, March 8, at the Creek Hotel and Tuesday, March 9, at the Shelborne Hotel. See listings for more info.


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