Paul Van Dyk is in Miami for the 50 millionth time
Paul Van Dyk is in Miami for the 50 millionth time

Paul Van Dyk

For all the disaffection you might feel over being spoiled with another Paul Van Dyk performance in Miami, one look at his roots is enough to see he has had quite the struggle getting here.

"At one time I only earned one deutsche mark a day," he reminisces of the bad old days of the Eighties, after he and his mother had obtained permission to leave East Germany and ponder their capitalist possibilities in Hamburg. "I thought, Do I buy something to drink or something to eat today?"

As it happened, the Berlin Wall fell, and in 1990 the then-nineteen-year-old headed to West Berlin, where he remixed the likes of New Order, BT, and Denki Groove. His original works, though, put him on the fast track, the result of a meeting with Cosmic Baby, who had been dispatched to interview him by the zine A Thousand. "Instead of doing an interview, we talked for hours and became friends. Cosmic knew how to work the equipment and everything, and eventually this work became [debut album] Visions of Shiva."

So what does he call the stuff he produces? "I just call it electronic dance music. I don't label it, like this is techno, this is trance, this is house."


Paul Van Dyk

Paul Van Dyk performs with Edgar V at 10:00 p.m. Saturday, November 25, at Club Space, 34 NE 11th St, Miami. Admission is $30; ages 21 and older are welcome. Call 305-375-0001 for more information.

That might be true, but for the most part — unless he's pulling a six-hour shift at the deck, which tends to see him punch-drunkenly spinning "housey records, breakbeaty stuff" — listeners can expect a lot of oversexed trance, nowadays powered by twin laptops running Serato Scratch Live.

Speaking of labels, one other thing club-hoppers might consider is the expiration date of their chances to be in the same room as the multiple-award-winning 36-year-old. "Like everyone else, I'm getting older. I probably will stop DJing at some point, or at least do a lot less of it, and spend more time producing and being at home."


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