Paradise Garage's Most Classic Dance Tracks, According to DJ Joey Llanos

The neon beacon that hung outside 84 King Street, NYC.
The neon beacon that hung outside 84 King Street, NYC.

Paradise Garage.

As DJ Joey Llanos explained to New Times yesterday: "It was a sanctuary where people of all backgrounds, races, colors, creeds or sexual orientation were accepted on the the dance floor as one. They all came there for one purpose, and that was to hear the greatest sound system in the world at the time, controlled by its resident DJ, Larry Levan."

This weekend, Llanos and Richard Vasquez will launch The Choice Miami at The Garret at Grand Central to celebrate the enduring legacy of Larry Levan and the NYC dance music scene that started it all.

Ahead of the party, Llanos shared his four picks of timeless Paradise Garage classics you might hear him and Vasquez drop at The Choice.

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D Train's "Keep On"

"For me, a very inspirational song -- and to hear it played by Larry Levan manipulating the Isolator just made the song come alive. The whole room knew the lyrics, and hearing over a thousand people on the dance floor singing the same song was powerful."

Gwen Guthrie's "Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent"

"Mixed my Larry Levan. The bass in that song, you felt in your heart pound along with the track! Larry mixed records specifically to be played at the Garage. The building would shake when he played that record. I loved it!"

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