Surfer Blood
Surfer Blood
Photo by Rebecca Smeyne

Palm Beach's Surfer Blood Featured on Hype Monitor

Every day, publishes news on the music industry as part of its Rock and Roll Daily blog. Each day averages about 25 stories. And yesterday, between "Led Zepplin II Turns 40" and "Lenny Kravitz: I Want to Work With Jack White," the site's Hype Monitor recommended West Palm Beach's Surfer Blood and listed song "Swim" as its "Key Track."

The band has kept an extremely busy tour schedule lately. (They're playing two shows today, and three tomorrow in New York City.) But they will be back for Moonfest in West Palm for Halloween, which will be the last time to catch them before they head out on the road again immediately. They won't be back until at least December. Read what wrote here.


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