In modern hip-hop, groups have been supplemented by cliques. Cliques usually consist of one successful rapper (in this case ATL superstar T.I.) and a gang of stragglers and hangers-on (enter Pimp Squad Clique). And what's become par for the course, Pimp Squad Clique's debut, 25 to Life, proves to be little more than a teaser for the next T.I. album. "Still I Luv Her" is a fine example of the many songs where T.I. completely outshines his homies. "Luv to beat it up and fuck her/Make her drink it out the rubber/You a nasty muthafucka," rhymes a rhythmically mesmerizing T.I. In contrast, C-Rod clumsily rhymes, "Ride that ho like a brand-new bike on your birthday/Let my homie ride," on the same song. Nonetheless, there are enough great hooks and superb production to supply some great ridin' music ("Fuck Where Ya From," "Coming Down," "Murder Game," and "Set It Out"). But most of the time, 25 to Life is easily forgettable.


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