OWSLA Tour at Grand Central November 1

Yo, be very, very quiet. We're hunting rabbits. 'Cause Kill the Noise, M Machine, Nick Thayer, and Skrillex's OWSLA imprint are coming to Grand Central this week. The label's name actually comes from the book Watership Down, in which an Owsla is the chief carrot-eater in a warren of rabbits. So basically, this beat-freaking tour is about a bunch of really hard-core cottontails showing you how they're the smartest and strongest of all the rabbits in EDM. What's up doc, indeed. And all the way from Melbourne, Nick Thayer is hitting the decks with a genreless musical approach he describes as "putting seven glow sticks in a blender." That's the kind of pixie powershake that'll make your ass drop. Then you've got M Machine, one of the most exciting acts in the game, whose debut album is a musical journey through highs, lows, and beautiful gardens of sound. Finally, topping it all off, there'll be massive dub-wub speaker bleeders from the one and only Kill the Noise. Because it isn't a Skrillex label showcase without the kind of bass that breaks teeth. Ravers, get your lasers ready. Rabbit season is officially open.


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