Othello Molineaux

Born in Trinidad to a violinist father and a mother who worked as a piano teacher, Othello Molineaux was unsurprisingly turned on to music at a very young age. After learning piano as a child, he moved onto the steelpan, a pitched percussion instrument native to Trinidad and Tobago, which he continued practicing even after he left his homeland for a career as a professional pianist in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Molineaux made his grand appearance in the world of jazz in 1967, when he appeared on Jaco Pastorius's Grammy-nominated debut album. His unique sound blends contemporary jazz with the pan-made sounds of his heritage, and has earned him performances with Dizzy Gillespie, Herbie Hancock, and Monty Alexander. He continues to lead steel bands in Trinidad while making appearances in concert halls in the U.S.


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