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Open Ears

12 years ago by Celeste Fraser Delgado
Last Saturday, New Times celebrated its sweet fifteenth anniversary by coming out with some great big cakes, a few thousand friends, a few great bands and DJs, fabulous food from fifteen restaurants, and fifteen drag queens all dressed up as quinceañeras. If that last word lost you (Spanish for a...

Ear Ye, Ear Ye!

25 years ago by Ben Greenman
EMF's "Unbelievable" probably won't outsell "From a Distance" or "Rush Rush," but it has done far more to clarify the future. As musical distinctions blur further and once-rigid genres liquefy at the speed of sound, as rap swallows jazz instrumentals and gospel vocals sneak into speed-metal, EMF's heady fusion of...

Ear to the Ground

9 years ago by Mosi Reeves
WMC is about three things: the actual conference (meaning WMC and M3), partying to the sounds of your favorite DJs, and discovering artists you've never heard before. The last goal can be an elusive one, especially when it comes to sifting through party lineups packed with dozens of turntable jocks...

Art for Your Ears

6 years ago by Carlos Suarez De Jesus
Close your eyes and imagine a world where you can see sounds and hear colors, where primal drumbeats leap off the works of Picasso and Brancusi. In a world where you could sense improvisational jazz riffs arranged in a cubist masterpiece, you might also experience the plaintive wail of a...

Miami: Stick It in Your Ear

21 years ago by Jim DeFede
The people have spoken. The votes have been cast. The outcome is clear. In a nearly unanimous display of love and support, South Floridians have selected "Oh My My, Where Am I A Miami" as their new unofficial, official song. "I can't stop humming the refrain," said one man who...
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