On a Square

On a Square is unapologetically old school, a band that seems to relish in hum-worthy melodies and feel-good sounds, even at the risk of appearing somewhat archaic. Truth be told, the group's apparent reverence for the Beatles, Badfinger, and other 1960s pop pundits brings a freshness and finesse that's been sadly absent in the music of today's turgid rockers. So if On a Square seems somewhat out of sync with modern sensibilities, then what the hell. This is a group that's clearly unaffected by fleeting tastes or trends, but rather more concerned with melodic merriment and enticing entertainment.

And while the band members themselves publicly underplay their musical abilities, their music affirms their talents are ample indeed. Aneil Maharaj is an exceptionally expressive singer with a Brit-rock sensibility, while Andre Ramos's prowess on piano and accordion give these tunes a bounce and a sparkle that underscores their jubilant delivery. Likewise, drummer Brandon Fulton can be credited with providing the pulse that drives the band's rousing tempos. It's worth noting that each member of the foursome can boast an impressive pedigree, with academic credits that include Julliard, the Berklee School of Music, and in Ramos's case, 15 years of classical training. That's impressive stuff, but On A Square's back story is less important than the music they're making now. Mining a loose spontaneity that helps reinforce their sprightly sound, their upbeat attitude provides the perfect respite for these troubled times


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