Oh My Goth! Top Ten Creepiest Musicians in Honor of World Goth Day

You know who gets a bad rap? Goth kids.

Everyone picks on them because of the funny clothes and pale skin. But they've actually got great taste in music, y'all.

That's why today, we here at Crossfade are taking time out of our day to celebrate World Goth Day in celebration of all things spooky, morbid, moody, and dark!

In honor of every kid who's ever cried while listening to the Cure, here are our top ten creepy musicians.

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10. Nik Fiend

When it comes to ugly mofos, this guy takes the cake. Fortunately for his love life, he kicks total ass. He and his wife make up iconic deathrock duo Alien Sex Fiend who formed as a house band for famous English goth club The Batcave. Lewd, over-the-top, and zombified, Mr. Fiend is one creepy cat.

9. Peter Murphy

Behold the mothereffing goth-father! Being the lead singer of Bauhaus (literally the first band to call itself "goth" and not feel bad about it), we couldn't possibly omit Murphy from this list. Not to mention, singing songs about Dracula pretty much makes you the coolest.

8. Marilyn Manson

Brian Warner was just an awkward-looking nerdy kid until he discovered Nine Inch Nails and found his calling. He made huge waves dressing up as some kind of crotchless boob alien and he was even blamed for the Colombine shootings. A lot of serious goth kids might be upset that Manson made our list, since spooky kids and Hot Topic basically ruined the movement for post-romantics everywhere. But let's be honest, you all love his cover of "Sweet Dreams" and you know it.

7. Nivek Ogre

This industrial icon has had his fingers in everything, with a resume that boasts stints in groups like KMFDM, the Revolting Cocks and Ministry. His solo career as ohGr also yielded some great tunes, but his most popular work is hands down his role as frontman of Skinny Puppy. Any twerp who claims they stomp to industrial and doesn't worship the Puppy is just a poser.

6. Karin Dreijer Andersson

Lady Gaga likes to think she's weird because she calls her fans "little monsters." But that's just cute. Honestly, meat dresses and flaming bras are nothing compared to the mysterious, melted visage of Karin Dreijer Andersson. Whether she's working as the faceless front woman of The Knife or filming spooky videos for her solo project Fever Ray, this Swedish star stands strong as the queen of creep.

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