Off With Their Heads Return To Churchill's Pub August 12

We know that the rest of the country has been experiencing a lil thang called a "heat wave." But Crossfade has no sympathy. It's hot in Miami all freaking year.

Maybe that's why Off With Their Heads, a pop-punk quartet on perennial pop-punk label Epitaph Records, spends so much time in the Magic City. See, the band's from Minneapolis. And people tell us that place is freezing! Not to mention there's not a palm tree in sight.

In 2008, Off With Their Heads made its South Florida debut at the now-defunct House of Pain. And the next year the crew paid a visit to short-lived DIY space Goo. By 2010, though, the group had found a main squeeze in Churchill's Pub, where they'll be taking the stage once more Friday, August 12.

Beyond the weather -- and an affinity for The Dave Daniels Experience -- we're sure that Off With Their Heads have a particularly good time in Florida because it's a top-five state for pop-punk.

Gainesville-based No Idea Records and the annual, ever-bloating The Fest have been number one in the game of anthemic, sentimental, poppy rockin' punk of all varieties -- from the suburb-ska of Less Than Jake, through the gravel-voiced epics of Hot Water Music, and up to the sing-a-long Springsteenisms of Against Me! -- for over a decade.

Off With Their Heads (who were signed to No Idea before Epitaph) fit right in, thanks to snappy, simple jams augmented with a little homegrown Twin City snot punk melody a la Dillinger Four.

Off With Their Heads with Dead To Me, The Riot Before, and The Getback. Friday, August 12, 8pm. Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE 2 Ave. Tickets are $10 in advance here, $12 at the door. For more info check out or call 305-757-1807. 

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