Photo by Aki Pekka Stilinoski

Norwegian Electropop Tart Annie Spinning at LIV Thanksgiving Eve

Mark this as a must: Annie, who is best known for her tracks "Chewing Gum" and "I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me," will be making a quick stop at LIV in Miami Beach November 25 for a DJ set alongside Ross One and Contra. We'd really like for this to have been a live performance, but let's hope she graces South Florida with her presence some time in 2010 (looking at you Ultra organizers).

The Norwegian singer has just released her wonderfully superb electropop sophomore effort Don't Stop. It picks up where 2004's Anniemal left off, except not as retro-sounding. The album was delayed several times due to label disputes and what not, and despite having released two wonderful singles for the album -- the aforemention "Girlfriend" and the italo-disco track "Anthonio" -- neither was include in the final tracklisting.

But don't fret, the album is still packed with wonderful tracks. Some of our favorites include "Don't Stop," "I Don't Like Your Band," and the lead single "Songs Remind Me of You."

Check out the video for "Songs Remind Me of You" after the jump.


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