Nortec's Jorge Verdin goes solo as Clorofila.
Nortec's Jorge Verdin goes solo as Clorofila.

Nortec Collective Presents: Clorofila

Nortec Collective is no stranger to the Latin alternative scene. Since dropping its first disc in 2002, The Tijuana Sessions Vol. 1, the electro-fusion outfit has carved a well-defined niche. That's not only across Latin America but also stateside, amassing a cult following from various appearances at some of the U.S.'s biggest and best festivals. The 2005 followup, The Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3, which seems to have skipped right over Volume 2, only solidified the band's acclaim.

But Nortec Collective has since ceased to record and perform as a unit — not breaking up, but rather supporting as a group the four individual members' projects. The Nortec part of the band's name comes from its hybrid sound, a blend of norteño, from the members' native northern Mexico, with techno. And Jorge Verdin, the musician, producer, and graphic designer known as Clorofila, has stayed true to that style on his solo debut, Corridos Urbanos, the first of the aforementioned Nortec Collective solo spinoffs to see the light of day. He'll play selections from his solo oeuvre this Saturday at the Awarehouse as part of ongoing performances tied to the venue's "¡Mira Que Lindas!" exhibit.


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