NODUS Ensemble

In accordance with the museum's thematic exploration of the relationship between video and music, Miami Art Central hosts "Images from the Composer's Eyes: A Concert of Works for Video and Video with Instruments," a mélange of musical compositions entwined with video from Florida International University's NODUS Ensemble. Although the title of the show might be unnecessarily complex, the content of the performance will be hard-hitting and valid.

Havana-born faculty member Orlando Jacinto Garcia, known for having composed hundreds of works with haunting rigor, will be joined by talents from the Netherlands, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, and the United States, including soprano Michelle Auslander, flutist Elissa Lakofsky, clarinetist Paul Green, pianists José Lopez and Jennifer Snyder, percussionist Michael Launius, violinist Saul Bitran, violist Laura Wilcox, cellist Iris van Eck, and contrabassist Luis Gomez Imbert. — Rayme Samuels


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