No Name #2 at the Electric Pickle March 1

No genre has been more ripped off, watered down, and straight-up bastardized than techno.

To the layperson, say a classic-rock aficionado or maybe a jazz head, the mere mention of this Detroit-bred electronic music genre (and really, less a conventional genre than an unwieldy collection of variants, everything from minimal to psytrance) evokes images of greasy Guidos slithering up and down Washington Avenue while fist-pumping like soldiers drunkenly marching in a parade of shame.

But what the skeptics might not realize is that e-music isn't all Jersey Shore, LMFAO, and Ultra Music Festival. In fact, a quick survey of techno — and its warmer, gayer antecedent, house — reveals a rich history of compositional innovation and technological advancement that reaches much further than the uhntz-uhntz-ing masses could ever have you believe. And that inquiry into the history of electronic dance music lies at the core of No Name at the Electric Pickle, a newish monthly party celebrating "house, techno, and beyond" that draws its moniker from an Acid Horse track titled "No Name, No Slogan."


No Name #2

No Name #2: With DJ Lorraine Sangre and guests. 10 p.m. Thursday, March 1, at the Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-456-5613; Admission is free. Ages 21 and up.

Referred to as the party's "den mother" by her co-DJs, Lorraine Sangre started No Name to fill a void. Put bluntly, she was "looking for a scene that appreciates true house and techno origins, and recognizes how that influences contemporary electronic music." A self-described "longtime partygoer" who made the transition to party-thrower while living in New York, Sangre wants this monthly to be "a place where friends from other cities can play [outside of] Winter Music Conference and Basel." And, of course, to "have a party where I can play whatever I want."


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