NMB Stunnaz Say Clap Them Thighs, Oh Oh, and She Want It

I found out about the NMB Stunnaz through this video I found somewhere on the internet. They have the kind of sophisticated, organically built web presence intrinsic to millenial generation projects.

NMB Stunnaz are wild and young minded, they have a hit song with its own dance, they know how to market and promote themselves, the streets support them, the dj's play their records, and the kids love em'.  They got a real movement going and it's good to see North Miami Beach puttin it down like they are.  This is the Soulja Boy formula and they seem to be executing it perfectly so don't be surprised when girls all over the world are down to the floor doin the Clap Them Thighs.

Click Here For The NMB Stunnaz Myspace


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