Nitzer Ebb at Grand Central November 13

Nitzer Ebb relives the dark days of the '80s.

You have to hand it to the goth subculture: No matter how outdated it might seem to others, it still keeps chugging along. And '80s industrial rock act Nitzer Ebb —made up of Bon Harris, Douglas McCarthy, and Jason Payne — is a prime example. Coming from the same gene pool that bred Depeche Mode and Front 242, the trio delivers a sound that's moody, dark, and heavy on the synthesizers. Its latest release, 2010's Industrial Complex, has the band churning out tunes that leave you feeling like Reagan never left office.

That said, the threesome has kind of earned the right to be unapologetically dated. After all, the Ebb made a name for itself with genuine hard-beat classics such as "Fun to Be Had," which even the grandfather of funk, George Clinton, took a stab at remixing in 1990. In other words, you can't deny the crew its credit. Also, you definitely shouldn't miss this show, especially because the band hasn't made a South Florida stop since a 1992 gig at Hallandale Beach's Button South. Skip it and you might not get to see Nitzer Ebb till 2028.

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