Ninja Man

It takes a true dancehall aficionado to appreciate the top-ranking ghetto sounds of Jamaica's Ninja Man. This is only true because most novice listeners, if they could even understand a word he's saying, would be scared to death of him. Dubbed as "the original front teet, gold teet, gun pon teet badman," Ninja built up a reputation as one of the wildest, craziest, and most volatile figures to emerge into Jamaica's dancehall world. But these days Ninja has changed his ways. Despite having participated in a nasty brawl with Bounty Killer in Trinidad two weeks ago, Ninja Man, a.k.a. Don Gorgon, swears he's ready to leave the gun talk and violence behind. He has officially dropped the "gun pon teet" portion of his alias and has taken to wearing all white garb at his performances to show he's a symbol of peace. Whatever. Those who know Ninja can attest he's off his rocker and whether he's wearing white, pink, or purple, he's still a bad-ass every time he takes the stage. — Jonathan Cunningham


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