Nine Mile 2013: A Ganja-fied Guide With the Marleys, 2 Chainz, and Future

Smoking ganja isn't just a recreational activity. It's a righteously stoned ritual.

"The more you accept herb is the more you accept Rastafari," the patron saint of tokers, Bob Marley, explained in a TV interview a few years before his death from cancer in Miami at the tragically young age of 36. "Herb is the healing of the nation... Herb is a plant. Herbs are good for every-ting."

And though it's still against the law to smoke a marijuana cigarette in the Sunshine State, the Magic City remains home to most of Marley's offspring, as well as the Nine Mile Music Festival, a full day dedicated to Bob's memory and the virtues of the herb.

For the fest's 2013 edition, brothers Stephen, Julian, and Damian Marley and rappers Future and 2 Chainz have joined the fight for decriminalization. Blaze it! Legalize the weed! All aboard the ganja bus!

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Nine Mile 2013: A Ganja-fied Guide With the Marleys, 2 Chainz, and Future

Stephen "Raggamuffin" Marley

How does one know he is destined to be a high priest of the sweet leaf? Well, it's gotta be pretty obvious when your birthday is 4/20. Take Stephen Robert Nesta Marley (born April 20, 1972), the fourth child and second son of Bob. Like nearly every member of the Marley fam, Raggamuffin has always unabashedly preached the gospel of pot. And like nearly every member of the Marley fam, he lives in Miami. So inevitably, he was gonna get busted on a pot charge in our backwater state. That shit be fated.

Nine Mile 2013: A Ganja-fied Guide With the Marleys, 2 Chainz, and Future

Julian "Ju Ju Royal" Marley

In February 2002, Tallahassee cops cuffed Stephen and his brother Julian for possession of "less than 20 grams" -- i.e., four marijuana cigarettes -- in Julian's jacket and three under the passenger seat. The Raggamuffin reaction: "What am I doing behind these iron bars/Never robbed nor killed, never done no one harm," Stephen sang on "Iron Bars," a 2007 song about the experience. "Lock me up, for what? A little sinsemilla... We a go break down this prison wall and get the fuck out of here... Blaze it!" Or as Ju Ju Royal sagely shrugged in a 2009 interview with Cannabis Culture: "The laws are being run by an old colonial system."

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