Nil Lara at Bougainvillea's July 2

It might strike you as odd that an artist who plays multistringed instruments — such as the tres, a six-stringed Cuban guitar; and the cuatro, a four-stringed Venezuelan guitar — goes by the name Nil. But that doesn't mean Mr. Lara is synonymous with nada.

His heyday was back in the '90s, but this Cuban-American troubadour still keeps Miami's heart beating in 4/4 time. After signing with Capitol Records in 1995, touring with artists such as Lenny Kravitz, and showing up on soundtracks for TV shows like Scrubs, Lara is bringing it back to his home base. He's now playing small, local venues such as Bougie's, giving all the guajiros and sons a taste of his fusion tuneage. It'll make you want to sing, dance, and maybe even smoke a Habano.


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