Night of the Weirds

Inspired by a subculture that has taken years to coalesce into a shared identity, the free monthly Night of the Weirds was first mounted at Churchill's in August 2007. Planned for the first Tuesday of every month, the event was created by Jeff Rollason of and has since been managed by others in the self-dubbed "weird community." This Tuesday, however, marks the last edition, with some of the best, most original, and, well, weirdest performers in South Florida.

N.O.W. presents acts that crawl on the walls, across barstools, and into your seats; acts that ramble over keyboard tones; acts that sing beautiful tunes with melancholy voices. There are acts that create the void, acts that create the swirl, acts that ramble spiritually/schizophrenically and sometimes incoherently. There are acts that don't show, acts that show that aren't booked, acts that sing songs about being in Miami, girl acts, guy acts, acts that play great, acts that seem like a great play, acts that battle each other, and acts that sing songs about feeling weird in a strange world.


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