At times, WMC can feel a little heavy on the Euro beats, but for those of you looking for jazzier, more Afro-centric flavors, there's always a cool, soul-shaking DJ to fit your bill. Representing Brooklyn, DJ Nickodemus incorporates the outer edges of Brazilian and Caribbean music into a laid-back house vibe. Even better, the always-eclectic spinner also shows a considerable panache for mixing underground hip-hop with jazz, creating a just-right musical atmosphere to chill out with your people. Nickodemus also travels the world recording live musicians, which he duly incorporates into his mix. This multimedia technique gives his music a rich, distinctive sound, miles ahead of the laptop-only crowd.

Known for his Turntables on the Hudson parties in New York, he excels at creating loved-up soundscapes that will surely provide a welcome reprieve from the techno-electro madness for which WMC is famous. Check him out at any number of gigs this Conference, where he's sure to bust out his fantastic "Desert Dancer," a track featuring soothing Middle Eastern tablas accompanied by an exotic and hypnotizing female chant.

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