Nicholas Payton

It's so easy to be jaded when you've heard all the great jazz of the twentieth century and can sing Miles Davis's solo on "So What" in your sleep. It takes a really special artist to snap you out of your nostalgia, forcing you to hear fresh things.

Enter Grammy Award-winning jazz trumpeter and technical dynamo Nick Payton. Though he insists on his Website,, that his latest disc, a funkdafied jazz suite called Sonic Trance, is not a rehash of Bitches Brew, he readily admits to being influenced by the master of cool. This week, he brings his Miles tribute to Coral Gables Congregational Church, where his quintet will reformulate tracks from the master trumpeter and touch on older classics such as "If I Were a Bell" and "öRound Midnight." He'll probably throw in some wild licks of his own, too, just to make Miles smile.


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