Nic Fanciulli

Like buddy James Zabiela, British super-DJ Nic Fanciulli was, from the beginning, something of an upstart wunderkind. Growing up in Kent, some 30 miles outside of London, Fanciulli was, by just age 16, DJing around town. And just four years later, he would launch the by-now-legendary ClubClass, a regular party that hosted all the heavyweights, from Tong to Digweed and beyond. It was auspicious for Fanciulli, who wowed the greats with his sound, a genre-hopping take that was a little progressive, a little deep, a little techy, and totally versatile.

The real media frenzy came some years later when Fanciulli teamed with Zabiela for the One+One collaboration. They remain friends, but their sounds have diverged. While Zabiela has always been pegged as the breakbeat half of that duo, Fanciulli has gone into dubbier, even more techno-inflected sounds. Thanks to melodic vocal loops and a marked dose of soul, Fanciulli is the rare producer who can rock big rooms and still get the nod from underground heads. He's a favorite in Miami, and this time he plays Set's always-happening Sunday-night Sundance party.


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