New Times Groove On Battle Of The Bands Finals Tonight

Tonight are the finals for the Miami New Times Groove On Battle Of The Bands. If you haven't been following the action, one band will be flown to and put up in an NYC hotel and booked a show in the city for a Live Nation event.

Tonight's finals bring you the siren-and-the-scientist-electro-sound-machine stylings of Afrobeta, the reefer and whiskey jams of Rouse, the ruffa den ruff tougha than tough riddims of Jahfe, the down south ocean funk of Tristan & The Juice, and the rock American style, Miami style of King Bee 

The show is free, the beers are a dollar and live favorite Rachel Goodrich, soon to have Texas and the world buzzing like a doorbell at a trap house, is bringing her signature sound for your musical enjoyment. If you get bored you can gamble, cause it's at Gulfstream and that's how they roll. GO!

Gulfstream Park is Here.

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