New Pretty Ricky Video: "Knockin' Boots '08"

The world's favorite Miami R&B quartet, Pretty Ricky, just released a video for its latest single, "Knockin Boots '08." And again, we're reassured that the boys are totally celibate virgins.... Kidding! This video is full of grade-A, Madonna-in-the-early-Nineties style beefcake (I guess they needed to save wardrobe budget money? hah). Well, this is a group with a member named 4Play, after all. Not a bad slow jam, though, not the least because it's basically a reworked cover of H-Town's 1993 tune "Knockin' Da Boots."

What do you think of this version vs. the original? Does this even hold a candle to D'Angelo's classic video for "How Does It Feel?" What the hell is the guy all the way on the right swinging around in the Pretty Ricky video at 2:15? -- Arielle Castillo


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