New Kids on the Block

Die-hard fans who didn't get to see New Kids on the Block during their 2008 reunion tour and missed their 2009 South Florida show for obvious reasons (it was canceled) will rejoice. NKOTB is slated to hit the Fillmore Miami Beach this Thursday.

Slap bracelets and vintage '80s New Kids on the Block logo tee: Check. NKOTB comforter, dolls, frames, and posters: Double check. Few people will argue with the fluffy, cheesy nature of NKOTB's over-the-top marketing or their lyrics (Donny's random grunts, anyone?). But we wouldn't love them any other way. Their skills with the ladies have won them tire-screeching screams from teens and cougars alike, and promises of gift bags, a preparty, and meet-and-greets have sold out their VIP seats. The good news: General admission tickets are still available. Shameless posters professing your undying love for Joey, Jordan, or any other member of the once hottest boy band out there: Optional.


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