New House Shoes Podcast Up

Hip-hop's smokiest DJ is back at it again with a fresh new podcast via the HVW8 crew that's well worth listening to.

DJ House Shoes has a bunch of hip-hop exclusives from cats like Kool G. Rap, J. Davey, Ta'Raach, Pete Rock, and of course, some solid J. Dilla material as well.

To listen to the podcast, click here.

And remember, if you've got a fresh DJ mix that you want folks to listen to, send us a link. If it's nice, we'll throw it up.

Music is music so all genre's welcome.

And anybody that can come up with a fresh political satire song (supporting Obama) it will definitely get some love on this blog.

Alright alright, a good Eliot Spitzer comedy track would be appreciated as well.

But the world is a monotonous place right now and with so many musicians in the local area, have some fun and send us a mix that we can all enjoy.

-- Jonathan Cunningham


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