New Daft Punk "Derezzed" Teaser for Tron: Legacy Makes Digital Dystopia Look Fun

Man ... Is somebody selling Tron: Legacy™ timeshares? If so, please email immediately because I would be totally willing to pay $1,000,000,000 for the privilege of spending seven days per annum immersed in this gloriously cheesy, Daft Punk-ed digital dystopia.

From the snippets that Disney's allowed the world's to see so far, the Tron resort (or "The Grid") could be described as a computer nerd's vintage 1982 version of the future, soaked in blacklight, cool blue neons, and burning orange.

Additional details: All DJs will be robots, club promoters will be played by Michael Sheen clones doing a hammy Ziggy Stardust impersonation, and bionic babes will be equipped with a handy finger-torch for stripping the street clothes off their masters.

So worth a billion bucks, right? Check out the Tron promo after the cut.

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