Neon Indian at Ultra March 23

If Neon Indian's Ultra Music Festival set is anywhere near as cartoonishly trippy as its Adult Swim-produced video for newish single "Fallout," get ready to have your brain turned to pulsating jelly.

Straight from the purveyor of the best prime-time stoner entertainment on the market, Neon Indian's "Fallout" clip features an animated hottie with pink hair, giant boobs, and a vagina that shoots rainbows at horny grease monkeys. It's very late '80s with bright colors and hard edges, which goes hand in hand with the group's retro sound.

The track comes off Neon Indian's second album, Era Extraña, which is just as full of psychedelic synthpop as its first slab, 2009's Psychic Chasms. But while the band's 2009 debut was hip for its bedroom-style production (inspiring almost everyone who heard it to start a lo-fi side project), Era is a tad sharper. The group's musical mastermind, Alan Palomo, created his own minisynth to use during recording sessions in order to get a totally unique sound. Replicas of the device, called the PAL 198X, were even sold in a special package with the album.


Neon Indian

As part of Ultra Music Festival, with a performance Friday, March 23, at Bayfront Park, 301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. Gates open at 5 p.m. Friday. Tickets are sold out;

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Meanwhile, as a live act, Neon Indian has always blurred the lines between electronic group and traditional four-piece band, as evidenced by its choice of tour mates. The outfit has hit the road with acts such as Phoenix, Massive Attack, Chromeo, and Sleigh Bells. So its Ultra set on March 23 might leave some Skrillex fans wondering, "Where's the drop?" But anyone with a little musical maturity should be ecstatic to take a break from the electro-DJ madness to have his or her cerebral cortex cooked to goo by Neon Indian's trippy tuneage.


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