Neil Young Swears Off Reefer! Top Ten Musical Potheads Who Came to Abstain

In the lead up to the release of his autobiography, Neil Young sat down with the New York Times Magazine for a meaty, tell-all interview.

Our favorite morsel? According to the rock 'n' roll legend, he's quit smoking marijuana once and for all!

Neil isn't the first celebrity musician to give up the bubonic chronic. In fact, there's a long history of weed-lovin' rockers, rappers, and everyone in between who've vowed to never again pack a chillum, bowl, or reverse-gravity bong. With varying degrees of success.

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10. Foster the People's Mark Foster

The frontman for FTP reconsidered his THC intake after meeting the Da Vinci of weed smoking himself: Snoop Doggy Dogg. Foster had actually put down the pipe three days before meeting Mr. Dee Oh Double Gee, and he was considering falling off the wagon for a chance to blaze with the Highest Man Alive. What did Snoop have to say on the matter? "Y'know what, brother: sometimes you gotta slow down and focus on your shit."

9. Kid Cudi

Last April, the once self-described "lonely stoner" proclaimed his newfound marijuana-less existence to an audience at Vanderbilt College. The emo-synth R&B crooner and Kanye West protégé explained that before he quit he was "the motherfucker who was doing that shit all the time, recreationally, every day, wake up, needed it, all those things."

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