Natural Mystics

From the urban heart of San Francisco emanates the penumbral, funky sonance of Om, "the source sound and vibration from which all sounds are derived," according to Chris Smith, a.k.a. DJ Fluid of Afro-Mystik. After founding Om Records in 1995, Smith began propagating what he calls "future music": the hypnotic downtempo beat of Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz; lush, orchestral trip-hop on Soulstice's Illusion; and cutting-edge hip-hop through the label's Deep Concentration imprint.

Farina, a world-renowned house DJ and producer whose Air Farina earned a Best New Artist Album nomination from the 2004 Dancestar USA awards, appreciates the personal attention he gets as part of the Om roster. "When you get involved with a bigger label, it's not as grand as it seems and you can get lost in the shuffle," he says. "But Om understands independent music and is familiar with what's going on in the street."

This year Om is returning to Miami with its Om Gets Deep! party at Opium Garden. The idea is to bring California's unique take on dance music to South Beach and let it sink into the listener's soul. "Our focus is on the vibe, period," says Smith. "We strive to produce an event where people will feel like they're part of a family."

Om Gets Deep! takes place on Tuesday, March 9, at Opium Garden. See listings for more info.


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