Nadastrom at Grand Central August 16

Yo, beat freaks. It's almost time to slow it down and heat it up at Grand Central, because another edition of Miami Moombahton Massive is coming this way. D.C. moombah founder Nadastrom will top the bill, alongside local boys Craze and JWLZ. Surely, this is the best support Miami can offer. But there's something Nada has that the local spinners just can't match — hair, glorious hair. Those lush, flowing, mysterious locks are indeed the root of the famous DJ's success. And if you don't believe us, let's just weave through some history and try to smooth out the split ends. It all began when Nada was a child. Having spent the early years of his life sans mane, he was weak and small. But as he grew in stature, he allowed his hair to become untamed. And much like Samson's locks, his rebellious do gave him strength, swagger, and points with the ladies. In 2007, Nada met his musical soulmate, Matt Nordstrom. They began to make waves in their hometown. Yet it wasn't until English DJ Switch glimpsed that free-flowing wonder that Nadastrom's fate was sealed. Of course, Switch is bald, and he signed the boys right away. Coincidence or cause? Another key moment in Nada hair history: That fateful day when he played Dutch house classic "Moombah" at reggaeton speed, all because he couldn't see through his fabulous fringe. Revolutionary.


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