N-Ter brings Balkan breaks to Laundry Bar.


Electro DJ N-Ter is from Croatia, a fact that instantly incites curiosity among history dorks about how he survived the small European country's bloody civil war. He's the wrong tree to bark up, however. "I can say that my generation doesn't care much about politics. My generation is trying to concentrate on life and things we like to do — family and work and stuff."

And music, of course, in his case. N-Ter is on a mini-tour of the States to promote his new EP, Space Funk, which, he reports proudly, is a product of DJ Godfather's electro label Twilight 76 out of Detroit. "I'm very excited about the release, because my fellas in Detroit expect fresh Croatian electro from me, and I'm sure they will like this one." Space Funk, he says, incorporates three tracks characterized by "raw, old-school bass lines and analog synth sounds connected with 808 beats and vocoders."

When in Croatia, N-Ter buddies up with DJ Xed as The Crobot Crew. The collective was born when the pair of local DJs met and quickly discovered they were of the same mindset about where they wanted to go. That direction was, first and foremost, away from the hip-hop they were ladling out to the local club crowds. "Hip-hop was losing its edge and transforming from the underground to mainstream, which we didn't appreciate. Electro, on the other hand, was always underground, and we just don't see it ever becoming mainstream."



Saturday, July 12. Laundry Bar, 721 N. Lincoln Ln., Miami Beach. Show starts at 11 p.m. Admission is free. Ages 21+ with ID. 305-531-7700, www.myspace.com/laundrybar


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