MTV VMAs v. Democratic National Convention: Screw Crappy Pop, Choose Barack

Last night, it was NFL. Today, it's the MTV Video Music Awards. But are professional football games and Chris Brown's dance moves really more important than democracy?

No ... The only thing worth watching on television tonight is the Democratic National Convention. And if you don't believe us, we've got five convincing arguments on why you should switch over to C-SPAN this evening.

Check 'em out after the cut.

5. Music

Despite the name, this shit isn't Music Television. Sure, MTV's hosting its annual Video Music Awards, but it's sandwiched between reruns of Jersey Shore. Music at the DNC between speakers, however, has been incredible. Here I am Baby/Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours...

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4. Commercials

Don't get sucked into a for-profit education during VMA commercial breaks. Despite what advertisers want you to believe, earning a nursing degree in your PJs doesn't compare to earning a nursing degree in the real world. Our advice: Watch the DNC on C-SPAN and forego ads altogether.

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