Mr. Feathers Releases New Album Knife Cream Sundae on Triangle Earth Records

He is a creature from another dimension.

Since 1994, Mr. Feathers has traveled between this realm and the next, taking the elements of Miami Bass and then chopping and screwing them into his own brand of anti-music. And right now, his newest album, Knife Cream Sundae, is out on Otto Von Schirach's Triangle Earth Records.

So last week, New Times contacted this transdimensional low-end explorer to discuss that slab, Lady Gaga biting his style, and aliens getting down to his new album.


Mr. Feathers

New Times: How'd you get your name?

Mr. Feathers: Umm, awhile ago, it was Peasants With Feathers. And over the years, it just got shortened. It was, like, peasants with the hopes of rising up to the path of fame and whatever.

How'd you name the new album?

[The title] Knife Cream Sundae came out of the fact that most of the hours I spent chopping up sounds and stuff was on Sundays. More than anything, that's the day you don't get people calling up to say, "Let's do something." I work the hardest on Sundays.

You've got a song called "Oye Brothe Candela."

Yeah, candela is fire. It's like, "Hey, brother, that's fire," referring to a hot chick or something. Like, "That girl's on fire." I'm like 10 percent Cuban, 90 percent outer space.

Let's talk about another song, "White Girl Prostitute."

Dude, "White Girl Prostitute" is a song that's about a white girl that's living in the streets. It's not real. It's just something I made up. If somebody were to talk to a prostitute, that's what she would say: "I'm a white girl, living in the street, looking for a guy to give me all his meat." It's like a high-pitched voice; it says, "Let me jump inside that pretty little ride, bounce up and down while I start to slide, up and down while the bass gets deeper," something about legs getting weaker.

You're like a poet and shit.

A little bit, yeah. It took me like two or three days to come up with it.

What about "Boom Lab Dog Treats"?

That's just something I came up with. Like, if a scientist went into a dog laboratory and was testing the effects of sound waves and bass on them and how they would respond. Then he asks, "Do you want a dog treat?" He pumps up the bass and they all freak out.

You think aliens might have sex to this album?

Probably, yes.

I heard Lady Gaga has been biting your style with the costumes and all that stuff.

Well, I used to dress a little crazier [because] the vibe of my music was crazy. So if you think those people are original, they been looking at us for a long time. She definitely knows about Otto and Mr. Feathers. She knows wassup. This has been going on since 1994. She saw me in live performances and stuff. It's not just a Miami thing.

What else have you done?

I'm probably the first person to marry my laptop on the stage. I did it at this venue called Black Sheep that Juan BassHead owned. And yeah, there was a whole bunch of people that witnessed it. I'll probably get credit for that in the future. The wifey is cool with it and everything.

How do you consummate a relationship with your laptop?

Right-click the mouse and play with keys.


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