MP3: Rick Ross Remixes Nicki Minaj's "Your Love"
photo by David "Dro" Rosario

MP3: Rick Ross Remixes Nicki Minaj's "Your Love"

How do you get rap gold at this very moment? Easy equation. Add Rick Ross, flying high onnew albumTeflon Don's critical claim and store-register success, to anything involving Nicki Minaj. Voila, the Boss' take on Nicki's track "Your Love," which leaked to the Internet about six months ago.

Parent label Universal Music Group has attempted to wipe all traces of the track from YouTube, but Ross himself tweeted the MP3 of his remixed version earlier this afternoon. He leaves most of the original track intact, instead extending the nostalgic, Annie Lennox-sampling beat to the beginning. 

This is a far, far better intro to the track than the original version, which begins with a semi-painful AutoTuned hook that we could do without. Subtract that, and the interplay between Ross' and Nicki's raps sounds not unlike the golden age of ... Biggie and Lil Kim? Oh crap, was that heresy? Download the track after the jump.


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