MP3 of the Day: Adriana Calcanhotto

Last week Head Spins brought you into the studio of WDNA, site of Gene de Souza's long-running Café Brasil. As we said in the article, any Brazilian worth his or her weight in music pays a visit to the show when they hit town, and that included Adriana Calcanhotto, who swung by after her recent sold-out Colony Theater concert.

This Sunday, August 16, De Souza devotes his entire program to the MPB (Brazilian pop) star. And in honor of that two-hour special of interviews and live music, New Times is proud to bring you "Um Dia Desses" ("One of These Days"), a wistful slice of the genre known as música popular brasileira.

After the jump, get the MP3, and the details about the Cafe Brasil special.

Adriana Calcanhotto special. Sunday, August 16, 6 to 8 p.m., WDNA-FM 88.9

MP3: Adriana Calcanhotto - "Um Dia Desses"


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