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San Francisco's Kaskade seems to drop a new album of original material every other month. But that perception exists merely because most electronic musicians rarely release any of their own music, instead making compilations ad nauseam. Kaskade has never been one of those artists; he is all about the original creations.

Following It's Me, It's You and In the Moment, Love Mysterious is his third long-player. Though the first two focus on vibey, sophisticated, house-based rhythms for the discerning listener/clubber, the last is all about the banging dance floor and turning the ears of the night crawler who might be inclined to an obvious floor-friendly stomper.

Reflecting the more trance-tinged and mainstream-accessible sound of Love Mysterious, as well as Kaskade's growing popularity among the aboveground music lovers, his latest tour is one of the most extensive for a DJ, with roughly 50 gig dates in four months running from fall to early winter. Regarding moving to larger venues to accommodate his current playlist and audience, Kaskade says, "Playing the big rooms around the world has definitely changed me as an artist. I feel my music and performances reflect that."



Kaskade performs at 11:00 p.m. Friday, December 8, at Twilo Miami, 30 NE 11th St, Miami. Admission is $25. Call 305-375-0202 or click for more information.

On the other hand, Kaskade is also playing cities that rarely see this kind of event and might have to be schooled on what is trendy for a nightclub these days. "The smaller markets are great," enthuses Kaskade. "The excitement level is high, and the shows are more anticipated by the audience, as the scene seems to be connected. I have had a lot of fun nights outside the major markets." — Lily Moayeri


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