Mosca on His Top Ten UK Dancefloor Destroyers of All-Time

Mosca on His Top Ten UK Dancefloor Destroyers of All-Time

Like his fellow Londoner, T. Williams -- who we spoke with this summer and will be sharing Bardot's DJ booth with him as part of the III Points Festival on Saturday -- Mosca (AKA Tom Reid) is a quintessential UK rave kid, weaned on that local scene's exorbitant diversity of electronic music styles.

"I came up on a fairly standard UK diet of jungle, reggae and dub, dancehall, hip-hop, etc.," Mosca tells Crossfade. "UK dance music is all about change -- we're impatient."

"Sometimes that's a good thing, but sometimes not," he adds. "Maybe it's the things I missed out on that are more important in terms of where my sound and selection are at nowadays. I never got into disco, for example."

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In Mosca's case, that musical "impatience", as he puts it, is definitely a good thing. After all, the DJ-producer and BBC Radio 1 resident has emerged as one of the foremost new ambassadors of the UK dance music underground, thanks to a sound straddling the myriad homegrown flavors, from house and techno to grime and garage.

Though these days, Mosca thinks it's time to take it a step beyond just mashing up different styles.

"I used to think cross-pollination was the key," he says. "But as you get a little older and see stuff come and go, it's become less important -- for me, at least. A lot of the intentionally mashup-sounding stuff sounds a little contrived to me, like it's been done for the sake of it. But then again, so does my early stuff, when I listen back to it -- even though it wasn't at the time."

"In my eyes and ears, it all comes down to this: is the sum greater than the parts? Does it create something new? One plus one equals three -- that's the test. Jungle, grime, they were new and fresh and they could only have come from the UK. House and bass? Sounds a bit like one plus one equals to two, to me. The tracks I'm hearing could have come from Belgium or New Zealand, or wherever. But there's so much great music out there, I can't say it worries me at all."

Wherever his relentlessly forward-thinking sound may take Mosca in the future, there's no denying his influences from the past. So peep ten of his all-time favorite UK dancefloor destroyers ahead of Saturday's party.

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