Monte*Rosa was born a long way from his current home in Miami — in Baranquilla, Colombia, to be exact. Though his life and career have set him on a long road with many miles behind him, he hasn't lost touch with his roots. The sound of his native country is alive and well in his voice, as well as the swaying pop-rock rhythms of his guitar. His upbeat songs' trademark steady-driving, one-two strum is reminiscent of reggae, but his ballads possess that particular Colombian twang. It's not dissimilar to fellow countrymen such as Cabas.

Monte*Rosa approaches his music honestly, imparting a piece of his own soul into each song he composes. Such is the case with "Mi Cielo Perdió un Angel," from his 2005 self-titled debut album, which offered a plaintive reflection on his own divorce. His 2008 followup, 12 Historias en 3 Tonos (12 Histories in 3 Tones) bears testament once more to his heritage and again lays bare his soul. Monte*Rosa may have come a long way, but he still has many miles left in him.


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