Mixtape Of The Week: Geek Squad - AlterNative Thinking

Mixtape Of The Week: Geek Squad - AlterNative Thinking

A new local hip-hop group called Geek Squad  may very well be the freshest underground hip-hop group coming out of Dade County since ... well, ever.

Geek Squad is made up of five members (who are also high school friends) Acey Ace, M.I.C, Specta, Sub-Konshiss, and Wolfman Stylez. The group is really only a year or so in the making, so their individual personalities may be a little hard to distinguish as of now. But as a collective they definitely bring something different to the 305. 

They aren't trap boys, and they definitely aren't trying to be. They just seem to be a group of hip-hop heads having fun over beats.

Their first mixtape, AlterNative Thinking really sounds like a full-length album. Aside from their straight-spittin' rhymes, the production stands out as definitely being influenced by numerous genres. From trip-hop, to electro, rock, and obviously hip-hop, group member Acey Ace takes pieces of each of those genres to really create a distinctive Geek Squad sound. 

The Miami Bass-tinged "Celestial Annihilation," the laid-back "Tulips," and a couple of the trip-hop infused tracks are all highlights. It's 16 original tracks of geeky hip-hop goodness.

The mixtape, while free, does come with a light-hearted warning before you download:  "Exposure to AlterNative Thinking may cause delirium, loss of hearing, irregular heartbeat, heat flash, and/or arousal. And you might even experience an epiphany, realizing that what you previously encountered before this product was utterly inadequate. Thanks for listening, and please download responsibly."

Touché. Do yourself a favor and experience a different and unexpected side of Miami hip-hop. 

Download: Geek Squad - AlterNative Thinking


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